Getting Informed About the Impacts of Consumption: How Data Can Shift Consumer Sentiment

How can data shift consumer sentiment?

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Consumer sentiment is a critical part of climate transition risk. As consumers become aware of the impact goods and services are having on the planet, we may start to see profound shifts in demand.

Join us as we speak with Giki co-founder James Hand. Giki is a social enterprise creating apps and data tools to inform the public about the impact of their consumption and drive greater transparency in the real economy.

James also reflects on the current state of ESG and how we can make ESG data more useful for driving decision making.

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James Hand – co-founder and data scientist, Giki

Giki’s mission is to help people live more sustainably. Among their initiatives, Giki has developed Giki Zero, a step-by-step sustainable life guide, as well as Giki Badges, an app to help people in the UK find sustainable food and products.

Before founding Giki, James had a career in asset management, including roles as co-Chief Investment Officer at Investec Asset Management (now Ninety One), and co-founder of the innovative 4Factor equity team. James is a longstanding advocate of embedding environmental, social and governance issues – often referred to as ESG – in investment decisions.

With expertise in data analysis, behavioral finance and company research, James is well-suited to describe the challenges of creating readily available and digestible information to help consumers navigate the complex world of sustainability.

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