Evaluating, Disclosing, and Investing in Nature-Based Solutions to Support Climate Resilience

Find out how nature-based solutions can support climate risk reduction

Communities, governments, and businesses around the world face unprecedented challenges from environmental degradation, climate change, rapid urbanization, and a host of other megatrends. In particular, climate change is exacerbating the frequency and severity of natural hazards, including flood, wildfire, drought, and heat island impacts. These issues degrade community well-being and the financial bottom line of governments and businesses. In this context, the use of natural capital and nature-based solutions can be a cost-effective way to reduce risk to natural disasters, advance equity, and support climate mitigation/adaptation.

In this webcast Earth Economics will share examples of nature-based solutions to support climate risk reduction, methods for quantifying and valuing such approaches in decision making, and implications for improved disclosure through ESG reporting and beyond.

Key Takeaways:

  • The potential role of natural capital & nature-based solutions in climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience
  • Examples of how the risk reduction benefits associated with nature-based solutions can be quantified and support decision making in both the public and private sector
  • Examples of investment opportunities and strategies related to nature-based solutions to improve climate resilience
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Rowan Schmidt - Program Director, Earth Economics

Rowan Schmidt has been a part of the Earth Economics team since 2010, serving as a strategic leader and managing projects and partner relationships. Working across a range of sectors and thematic areas—including community resilience, water infrastructure, and open space conservation—he leads Earth Economics’ efforts to advance policy and expand funding mechanisms for investments in green infrastructure. Rowan’s core focus areas include developing policy and case studies that leverage federal funding for implementing nature-based solutions that mitigate hazards such as flood, fire, drought, and heat, and identifying ways that national accounting standards can better incorporate the value of natural assets in capital budgets. Whether working with local, state, federal, or tribal governments, community-based organizations, NGOs, or businesses, Rowan is passionate about identifying funding mechanisms and policy levers that drive investment toward cost-effective and equitable projects that benefit communities.

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